Sunburn remedies that can help prevent sunburn

Sunburn can be a real pain for even the most seasoned skincare enthusiast. This might not look or feel very stylish.

Sunburn is a common problem, even for the best of us.

Our Skin Health Experts have prepared a guide that will help you avoid sunburns by recommending four remedies to relieve burn pain and preventative measures.

soothing ingredients for sunburn relief

What can you do to relieve sunburn at home? You may have the ingredients you need to soothe sunburned or scorched skin in your pantry. Combined with clinically proven formulas, these ingredients can be even more effective at restoring damaged skin.

Look at the four main ingredients in some of the most effective skin-saving products.


Researchers have found that oatmeal has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These can both help restore skin barrier damage caused by UV rays. Clinical studies have shown that oatmeal can reduce skin dryness and roughness.

Why it works

Sunburned skin can be restored with anti-inflammatory properties.

Antioxidative properties help restore skin damage more quickly

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is abundant in the hottest climates on earth, so it is no surprise that this plant can soothe and calm skin. Aloe vera is more than just a soothing agent for sunburns. It also has potent anti-inflammatory qualities.

Why it works

Anti-inflammatory properties help to restore red, irritated, or inflamed skin.

Cooling properties soothe hot or warm skin

It helps restore skin collagen production.

Cooling Cucumber

Cucumbers can be used for more than just salads or spa days. They are also a great ingredient to use on our skin. Cucumbers’ unique combination of hydrating vitamins can help soothe sunburned, painful skin.

Why it works

Antioxidant properties can restore skin cells.

Analgesic properties are a natural way to relieve pain

Vitamin C and caffeine rejuvenate the skin barrier

Witch Hazel

The sunburn remedy is returning, though it has been used for many decades. Sunburn can be soothed by using witch hazel or spritzing witch hazel on the face.

Why it works

Anti-inflammatory properties can reduce sunburn symptoms

Sunburns can be decreased in pain, irritation, and itching by using anti-irritant properties

Sunburn Don’ts – What not to do to save your skin from sunburn

Sunburn can be avoided by following these simple tips:

Do not use more than one ounce of sunscreen – Many people do not apply enough sunscreen to protect their skin barrier. To protect against UV rays, the average adult requires about an ounce of sunscreen, equivalent to a shot glass.

Treat redness but not tan- A red sunburn or a deep tan are signs of UV damage. Remember that the melanin responsible for a tan also acts as an immune response. Use gentle skincare products designed for stressed skin to reduce redness and irritation.

Delay sun protection until later in life – While we can heal sunburns, the damage caused by them cannot be reversed. Sunscreen and other preventative measures can help to reduce the risk.

Sunburn Basics

We’ve all experienced sunburn but don’t think about its long-term effects on our skin.

Sunburns occur when your immune system reacts to UV rays primarily emitted by the sun and tanning beds. There are two kinds of UV rays.

UVA can cause skin cancer and premature skin aging

UVB and cause sunburn.

Can you get a sunburn on a cloudy day? Sunburn can occur even on cloudy days if you don’t use sun protection or SPF. Some token sunburn symptoms include:

Inflammation or swelling

Skin that feels tight or dry

Itchy skin

Warm or hot skin

How long do sunburns last? The sunburn will last between 3 and 5 days, depending on its severity. It may seem like only a few days, but UV exposure over time can cause long-term Photodamage, one of the leading causes of dull and devitalized-looking skin.

Let’s look at some ways to prevent sunburn.

How to Prevent Sunburn

Applying sunscreen daily is the most essential thing you can do to protect your skin. Your skin will thank you for its renewed resilience.

Here are some tips to prevent sunburn:

Choose a broad-spectrum SPF that protects against UVA and UVB radiation

For maximum protection, prioritize SPF 30 or higher.

Use at least 1 ounce of sunscreen for each person

Use on any exposed area throughout the day

Use waterproof sunscreen when exercising or at the pool

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