Acne Makeup: How to camouflage it

My first battle with acne began when I was in middle school. My mom let me use foundation to hide the red bumps on my face. In 6th grade, we weren’t as educated on the risks of using harsh cosmetics, and so my mother or I didn’t realize that the more makeup I put on, the worse the condition got.

After 15 years, I still had the same problems. Acne is embarrassing for teenagers, but it’s even worse for an adult. In a matter of months, after wearing Jane Iredale for a couple of years, my acne started to clear up. People say that you shouldn’t have worn makeup, but they do not understand the fact that I did not want to leave my house without it because I was so miserable. Now, the only reasons I use foundation are the SPF protection and the evening of my skin tone. It’s not that I stopped wearing makeup, but the incredible ingredients of Jane Iredale made a huge difference in my skin. I, indeed, was one of the fortunate ones. Many of us require more than a makeup cleaner with healing properties. But the makeup I used made a big difference. My skin took about two months to clear up, and I had to conceal my acne during this time. This is what I used, and I hope you find it helpful too!

Acne Coverage Makeup Tutorial

  1. Use the foundation brush to apply a thin coat of absence oil control primer. If you see the primer, it’s too thick, and you will end up getting even oilier. Little goes a very long way.
  2. Apply the PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation to your face using the Handi Brush. You may like to use one or two coats of powder.
  3. Apply Disappear concealer with the Camouflage Brush and allow the concealer to dry.
  4. Repeat the process if needed after your concealer has dried. Make sure you “feather the edges” so that there’s not a sharp contrast between your concealer and the rest.
  5. Use Balance Hydration spray to mist your skin lightly. This will set minerals in place without adding excessive oil.

You can also replace steps 3 and 4 if you have a slightly reddened blemish. Rub the Flocked Sponges in your Base PurePressed and gently apply it to your mark. The mark is gone when you roll it off. It’s my go-to camouflage method, and I use it every time I get a discoloration on my skin. You can use pure matte finish powder to complete your makeup look if you have oily skin. Also, keep facial blotting papers with you in your bag in case any oil is produced during the day.

After you have hidden acne with PurePressed Base, be sure to add color. My favorite is Whisper PurePressed Blush, as it contains a hint of shimmer that is perfect for hiding any small bumps.

Skin Accumax – The Natural Acne Treatment

We know how difficult it is to conceal acne using makeup, but we also understand that the ultimate goal is clear skin. We are pleased to provide skin Accumax to assist you in achieving a clearer complexion. The Skin Accumax is a combination of plant and vitamin nutrients that targets the root causes of problematic skin. The unique blend of ingredients improves skin clarity and texture. Please find out more about Skin Accumax as well as the other Skincare supplements that we offer through our supplier, Advanced Nutrition Programme.

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