COUNTDOWN TO YOUR BIG DAY WITH WEDDING-READY SKIN! Skin Preparation Plan for Weddings & Celebrations

Do you have a wedding on your horizon? Congratulations! According to experts, 2022 will be a year of record weddings, and everyone, from the Bride and groom to the wedding party and parents to guests, will seek advice on achieving the healthiest and most radiant skin. How can you trust someone with your wedding-ready, glowing skin when Google, Siri, and Alexa are offering so many articles & tips?

Kate Somerville’s team of Skin Health Experts are available at our Melrose Place Clinics in New York, UK, and Melrose Place Clinics in the UK. Our team has cared for clients’ skin and transformed their most challenging concerns for over 17 years. We have celebrated each new phase in life, including weddings, with them.

Our Clinics offer Wedding Packages to prepare clients for their big day. We have a routine that Clinic clients swear by when getting their skin wedding-ready. This includes the critical home care you will do daily to maximize the Clinic treatments’ results.

Be sure to read the following before we begin our plan. Enjoy the journey. While it is great to try new things, if it doesn’t feel like you, then it should be scrapped! The second rule is to follow the essential rules for self-care – eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, maintain good sleep hygiene, and manage stress in ways that work for you. You will always shine brightest when you’re relaxed and happy.

You can also use these questions to guide you to a wedding-ready complexion.

When should I start

The earlier you start, the better. Time allows you to choose from a variety of treatments and to budget for your Treatment.

Remember that some treatments require downtime, while others take longer to produce visible results.

As you approach the big day, you will want to use less and less of your creativity regarding services and products. It would be best to begin with a consultation with a trusted advisor to help navigate this process.

What is the best way to contact someone

Search engines and review websites are great places to start.

Ask around. Nothing beats a recommendation from someone you trust or believe has the desired results.

What is the best place to start

Consultations are always an excellent place to begin. It’s a good idea to consult with several sites before choosing one if you are new to the services world.

Some clinics and spas offer free consultations. Others may charge a small amount, which can be applied to your chosen services.

A skincare consultation can be a great way to spend time and money and discuss your wants and needs. Before investing in full treatments, it’s best to check if you are comfortable with the person.

What can I expect during my consultation with a skincare specialist

It is always good to have options and realistic expectations. You should consult with an esthetician (or other licensed professional) and a nurse. They will examine different skin problems and treatment options, but the final recommendations should be harmonious.

Do not be intimidated by a detailed plan. Once you’ve explored all the options available, you can decide what is most comfortable for you.

Be honest with yourself about what you want and are comfortable with. It’s the last thing anyone wants, and communication up front is critical. Start with a simple treatment to get a feel for the experience before you commit to a package.

It’s time to shine!

Sample Countdown: 90 Days to the Wedding Day

Three months out

Plan: Set the goal. The first facial creates healthy skin that will be the foundation for all subsequent treatments and home care.

Services Initial consultation facial & begin at-home product regimen.

Two and a Half Months Out

Focus: Polish & refine skin tone, texture

Services: Laser Genesis

Two months out

Focus: Reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture & tone

Services: Nano-Needling Facial Treatment

One and a Half Months Out

Focus: Optimize your skin’s health and create a youthful, clear glow

Facial +LED Therapy

One month Out

Focus: Polish the skin texture and refresh the overall appearance

Services: Toxin Refresh + Laser Genesis

2 Weeks Out

Focus on Optimize the skin’s health and achieve a baby-soft finish

Services: Facial + Dermaplaning

Week of Wedding

Focus: Polish the skin texture while sculpting it and firming its shape

Services: Firming + Laser Genesis Treatment

The Day Before or the Day of the Wedding

Focus: Refresh & hydrate skin

Services: LED Therapy + Oxygen Treatment

Extras: Pack an essential travel kit for a wedding night/honeymoon.

This guide will hopefully help you start your pre-wedding skincare journey with confidence. Relax and enjoy the new beginnings in your life.

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