Do You Have Blush? Get a Glow All Day with These Simple Tips

Does blush disappear on your face? My blush used to disappear, so I would leave the house with a clown-like look, hoping that it would last until noon. Kevin Mendelson, our makeup artist, was kind enough to do my makeup at a recent event. He told me that if I lost my blush, my skin would be dehydrated.

I began using Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer under my PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation every day (I had been using it only on weekends as a substitute for foundation). I also started taking omega fatty acids supplements. I’ve never seen my skin look so plump and smooth. It’s so smooth that I sometimes forget to moisturize my skin after cleansing because it feels so soft. The best part is that I did my makeup this morning at 8 a.m. and checked the mirror just now (it’s almost 3 p.m.); it doesn’t look like I need to touch up. No more disappearing blush!

You will look more awake, vibrant, and healthy with a natural flush. Try this for cheeks that look natural and radiant all day. If you wear foundation, apply it after Dream Tint. Then, rub Intouch Cream Blush on the most prominent area. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but the trick is to apply the color as close as possible to the iris of the eye and then blend it out with the foundation brush. Jane, thank you for this simple makeup technique that opens up your face and really makes a difference! When I’m already at my desk (gasp), I blend with my fingers. It works perfectly. Apply your normal foundation. You will glow from the inside out. What could be simpler?

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