Eyeliner tips and tricks

The versatility of eyeliner allows you to create a variety of looks, from the classic to the creative. You can make the look you want by using eyeshadow, gel, or liquid eyeliner.

How to Use Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner offers a fun and versatile eyeliner that many people are afraid to try. Messy? Harsh? Not at all. It’s easier to apply liquid eyeliner to an opened one. Allow the Brush to do the work and angle it along the lash line. Draw short lines along the inner, middle, and outer corners of the upper lashline, then join the dots.

  • For best results, shake gently before use.
  • After opening the cap, place the bottle down and lift the brow with your free hand. This will create a smoother surface on which you can draw.
  • You can use a similar shade of Eyepencil to create a template before applying your Liquid Eyeliner.
  • Use the Details Brush while the liquid eyeliner is still moist to soften the line and smudge it.
  • To extend the life of your lids, you can apply Lid Primer before.
  • Black, You can also find out more about the following: Black/Brown. Here are some tips for using other colors.
  • Pinot Noir has so many different looks. It can be used to add a touch of freshness to neutral eyes. This color makes green eyes stand out, but it looks great on any eye color.
  • Gold works well for all skin tones. Use it on the outer two-thirds of your upper lashes to draw attention. To create a dramatic effect, use Black or Onyx Mystikol to line the eye. Then, using the gold, draw a fine, thin line along the lashes. Place the Black above the gold for an even more dramatic look. Instant party look!
  • Copper is a great color for redheads with light skin and green or blue eye colors. Copper is a beautiful alternative to brown and much more exciting. Use it to give a modern twist to the browns we’re used to. First, line your eyelids with Dark Brown Eye Pencil. Then, apply Copper along the lashline for a fresher look.
  • Silver at the top of your lashes is romantic and captivating. Each blink creates a subtle light flash. Apply a thin layer of makeup over the usual.
  • Gel eyeliner: Four different looks with gel eyeliner

Follow these steps to get Elena’s complete makeup look:

  1. Use the White Fan brush to apply Copper Wind PurPressed Blush on your cheeks.
  2. Use the Deluxe Shader Brush to gently apply Mist from the limited edition Celebrate Eye Shadow Trio on your eyelids, lashline, and browbone.
  3. Use the Chisel Shader Brush to pat Toastall around your eyelid gently.
  4. Use the Crease Brush to apply Port on the creases and outer corners of your eyes. Blend well.
  5. Use PureLash Conditioner to finish any of these eyeliner styles.
  6. Use Kir Royale PureGloss Lip Gloss after applying Katarina PureMoist Lipstick.

Classic Cat Eyeliner: Apply Gel Eyeliner using the Angle Liner/Brow Brush, swooping outward and extending just slightly beyond your top lash line.

Full Cat Eyeliner: To create the full cat look, follow the steps for the classic cat look. Then, apply Gel Eyeliner using the Angle Liner/Brow Brush in a thin line along your bottom lashline. Stop where the lashes end, and don’t like the tear duct.

Smoky winged wing eyeliner: Follow all the steps above, and then use the Angle liner/Brow Brush to thicken the top of the line. Keep the bottom line thin. To create a smoky effect, use the Brush.

Retro winged wing eyeliner: Follow the steps above for a classic cat eyeliner, and then use the angle liner/brow brush to extend the top line.

Eye Shadow as Eyeliner

The Jane Iredale eye shadows are great for applying as eyeliner. The colors are endless; you can choose a soft look or a more intense one, and the eyeliner lasts.

  1. For a long-lasting effect, use the Eyeliner/Brow Brush and line the lash line using a complementary shade of eye pencil.
  2. Then, spray the Hydration Spray on the Detail brush or moisten it under the faucet.
  3. Use the wet Brush to pick up any of our PurePressed eye shadows. Start at the outer corner and place the Brush along the lash line. Follow the lashline in and end where you want. Be creative and experiment! Create a cat-eye by winging up and out from the outer corner.

You may find it easier to use dashes connected, or you can get a cleaner, more precise line by not lifting the Brush. Blend well, or use a dry brush to go over the line using the same or similar lighter shades.

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