Get gorgeous legs, hands, and feet this summer

It’s finally warm enough to enjoy a day of sun on your legs and feet!

Start with a beautiful manicure and pedicure. Colors this summer will be fun and unexpected whether you DIY or go to a salon. Deep nautical blue, bright teal, orange, and bronze are some of my favorites. Harper’s Bazaar has a complete roundup of summer nail polish trends. That’s only the beginning. The best way to show off nail polish is with a great complexion. Hands need to be moisturized frequently, and SPF will keep your skin looking smooth and radiant. All of our Foundations, except Liquid Minerals, have SPF. The Skin Cancer Foundation also endorses them. After applying the product to your face, try smoothing it or dusting it on your hands. Keep some Dry Sunscreen with you in your car or purse to use on your hands and arms while driving or out.

You’d be surprised at how much sunlight gets through windows. This was something I learned when I saw a heavily tanned arm on my left. Yikes! You can get a tanned look on your hands with summery nail polish by moisturizing a lot and applying Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer at the back of the hands. (See below for more information, as it’s a must-have product for the legs, too!) Let’s now have some fun on the feet and legs. It’s time for those babies to come out of hibernation, even before the weather is warm enough. Boots, goodbye (for the moment). Pumps, sandals, and even Vans are more attractive when my legs are in good shape. Have you seen our secret weapon? Let me introduce Gold Shimmer Face and Body Lotion, a light moisturizing cream saturated with skin softeners, antioxidants, and gleaming sparkle. The shimmer is not overpowering, but it transforms the skin like liquid candlelight.

My formula is easy: moisturizer, Tantasia, and Golden Shimmer = beautiful legs! You may not need to use the additional moisturizer if your legs aren’t very dry. But mine are, so I’ll start with that. After that, I combined two parts, Tantasia and 1 part, Golden Shimmer. I apply it to my legs in sections and the tops of my feet. I repeat this process until I’m covered. Avoid knees and ankles. I wash my hands a lot. I’m not interested in tanned, shiny palms. Fantasia is an instant bronzer that develops into a natural-looking tan over 2-3 days. Golden Shimmer gives my skin a radiant glow that is not greasy. (My previous trick was coconut oils). If you don’t want or need to add color, what can you do? Golden Shimmer is beautiful on any skin tone and adds a luster without adding color. You can also switch to Golden Shimmer once you’ve achieved the desired color with Fantasia. If you are planning to wear clothing over the top of Tantasia, let your legs “dry out” for 15 minutes. Dark colors and Tantasia work well together. If you plan to expose your skin outdoors, be sure to use Powder-Me Dry Sunscreen on top. It’s no longer necessary to have ashy skin in the early season. Now you can enjoy fabulous legs, ready for sun fun!

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