How much sunscreen should you use on your face

In our skincare routine, sunscreen is an essential step. Sunscreen covers our bodies before a beach day, but what about the face? Face skin requires special care and attention.

Do you know how much sunscreen should be applied to your face to protect it?

Applying too much sunscreen or using the wrong kind can irritate you. We’ll discuss the best way to apply sunscreen on your face and how much you should use.

Why Facial Sunscreen Is Important

Let’s understand the importance of facial sunscreen before we get into the details. UVA and UVB are harmful ultraviolet (UVA) rays that the sun emits. UVA rays cause premature skin aging, while UVB rays are primarily responsible for sunburn. Sunscreen is a barrier that absorbs or reflects these UV rays and prevents them from damaging the skin.

There are many types of sunscreens

Chemical and mineral sunscreens are the main types of sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens convert UV rays into heat, while mineral sunscreens form a barrier to reflect the sun’s rays. Mineral sunscreens are an excellent choice for sensitive skin or prefer natural ingredients. They often contain zinc oxide or titan dioxide. Chemical sunscreens are a lighter, transparent option that is easy to wear daily.

Kate Somerville” data-link-type=” page” href=””>mineral vs. chemical sunscreen, consider your skin type and preferences to ensure you’re getting the proper protection for your needs.

What is the best SPF

What does SPF mean on sunscreen products? The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures the protection offered by sunscreen against UVB rays. As mentioned, UVB rays are the leading cause of sunburn. Dermatologists recommend daily use of an SPF 30 or greater.

Use SPF 50+ to protect your skin from prolonged UV exposure during extended outdoor activities such as hiking or beach days. Sunscreen isn’t just for sunny weather. Even when it’s cloudy, UV rays will still pass through. Wear sunscreen daily on your face, no matter the weather.

The SPF does not guarantee 100% protection. It’s essential to apply sunscreen correctly and reapply it.

Sunscreen Recommended Quantity

The proper SPF is just as important as the amount of sunscreen you use. The majority of people use far less sunscreen than is necessary, which can reduce its protective effect. Applying sunscreen to your face is recommended at a rate of 1/4 teaspoon. It may not seem much, but applying enough sunscreen for adequate coverage is essential. The two-finger method is another way to estimate how much sunscreen you need. Use enough sunscreen to cover two fingers.

Cover all exposed skin, including ears, neck, and decolletage.

Apply sunscreen generously if you are using a spray. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours if you are swimming or sweating.

Sunscreen in Your Skincare Routine

Do you want to know if sunscreen helps acne, hyperpigmentation, or dark spots? Yes, all of them! Sunscreen has many benefits for your skin, and adding it to your skincare routine can do wonders. How to incorporate sunscreen into your skincare routine

Cleaning: Begin with a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, oil, and impurities. The Soothing Cleanser, which is especially good for sensitive skin, is an excellent option.

Toning: Use a skin toner to prepare your skin for the next step.

Moisturizers and Serums: Apply the serums or moisturizers that you use regularly. Wait for them to absorb. Choose a gentle but effective serum, like the Delikate(r) Recovery Serum. It will help to soothe stressed skin and restore the skin’s barrier.

Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen in the recommended amounts to your face, neck, and exposed areas.

Makeup If you are wearing makeup, do so after the sunscreen is fully absorbed. If you want to add extra protection after applying makeup, try the Setting Spray SPF 50

Reapplication: Apply sunscreen as often as you need to, every two hours or whenever necessary, during the day. This is especially important if you spend time outside.

Sun protection for healthy skin

Applying sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen is effectiveness largely depends on the amount used, the type, and SPF. Sun protection is essential for healthy, protected, and glowing skin.

If you wear makeup, consider using products with SPF built-in to provide an additional protective barrier. Consider using makeup that has SPF as an extra protective layer.

Take care of your skin all year round. Your skin will thank you for prioritizing its health!

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