How to prevent forehead wrinkles

When we least expect them, wrinkles can sneak up on us. You’re admiring the smooth, flawless skin in your mirror one day. You notice that your reflection has changed suddenly.

Is there a wrinkle on the top of your head? Can’t it be?

Take a deep breath before you panic. Although wrinkles are a great way to communicate subtle glances, you can also take steps to prevent them.

Our Skin Care Experts explore the causes of forehead lines and offer tips to help you prevent them.

What causes forehead wrinkles

You may find that fine lines, which used to disappear with just a dab or two of your favorite moisturizing lotion, no longer vanish. You might be surprised to find yourself with wrinkles you thought were impossible to remove.

What causes forehead wrinkles? What are some of the common causes?


We may wish to be able to fly and stay young forever like Peter Pan, but we cannot escape Father Time.

Our skin becomes more fragile as we age. It is partially due to hormonal changes that women go through as they age.

These changes cause our bodies to produce fewer proteins and oils, which are responsible for maintaining our skin’s suppleness and hydration (and preventing wrinkles).




With the proper skincare routine, you can delay signs of aging.

Facial Movements

Some people wear expressions of their emotions on their faces or sleeves. You can create tiny grooves on your face by moving your eyebrows to express feeling. The forehead line is the first to appear.

Getting your skin back to its original state as you age becomes more difficult. These grooves will eventually become permanent wrinkles on your forehead.

How to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles

There are proactive steps you can take to slow down the progression of wrinkles. Here are a few tips that you can include in your daily regimen to help prevent future forehead lines.

Use SPF and vitamin-C

Even if you don’t spend time in the sun, your skin will still be exposed to UV rays that can cause premature aging.

Protect your skin against UV rays using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF (though we recommend 30). Add a vitamin C-rich serum to your daily routine for double protection. Vitamin C may have the following benefits when used with SPF:

* Boosting collagen production

* Brightening your complexion

* Fight against free radicals or UV rays that cause wrinkles

Use products containing hyaluronic Acid.

You’re likely to find hyaluronic acids (HA) among the ingredients of your current skincare products. HA, when used regularly, is known to improve skin flexibility.

Check out our HydraKate(tm)Recharging Serum for a hydrating serum that combats dehydration. It contains hydrating hyaluronic acids, which can give your skin an extra boost of elasticity.

We see this as a win-win situation.

Hydrate your body

It’s essential to stay hydrated both on the inside and outside.

Keep a reusable water bottle nearby and drink eight glasses (8 ounces) daily to avoid dry skin.

You can finish all eight cups with a bit of consistency and determination. Your skin will thank you.

Include vitamin-rich foods in your diet.

Eating foods rich in vitamins such as C and E can keep your skin moisturized and soft and smooth.

Fresh fruits like plums or guavas contain more vitamin C than the recommended daily intake of 75 milligrams.

You can get your vitamin E fix by eating a handful of nuts like:



Pine Nuts

Kate Somerville can help you get rid of forehead wrinkles.

Even though pixie powder is no longer an option, you can still use other methods to fight the effects of aging. While forehead wrinkles will always be there, you can fight them off with skin care products designed to combat signs and symptoms of aging.

Whether you’ve spotted your first forehead wrinkle or are working to keep them at bay proactively, Kate Somerville’s HydraKate(TM)collection was created with your wrinkles (or lack thereof) in mind.

Our HydraKate(tm)Recharging Water Cream and HydraKate(tm)Recharging Serum contain blue light-activated algae extract and hyaluronic Acid, allowing your skin to drink the much-needed hydration it deserves. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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