How to tell if my skin is breaking out or purging

Finding a skincare regimen that produces noticeable results can feel like a scientific experiment.

You use a chemical peeling agent for one week and don’t notice any immediate results. You try a different acne treatment the next day, but your skin doesn’t seem smoother. It’s caused undesirable side effects like flaky, dry skin and new breakouts.

Understanding the differences between Acne and rosacea is essential before you throw out that new product (or blame the enemy of your choice, acne). You can then determine which type of Acne you are experiencing and decide the best action for more precise, healthier skin.

What is Skin Purging

What is purging of skin when it comes to the crux of it? A skin purge is when your skin reacts with an active ingredient of a new skincare product.

It is easy to mistake the skin purging procedure for Acne. It’s easy to understand why, with pimples and blackheads on your face and redness and bumps giving your skin an uneven texture. With the correct information, you can tell if this is a temporary problem like “the cleanse.”

Let’s say, for example, that you use a product containing ingredients such as retinol or glycolic acid. These acids help accelerate cellular turnover. You are replacing old skin cells with new, radiant, healthier ones. We recommend you work with a Skin Health Specialist at our Clinic if you are trying a Skin Cycling Routine. This will help to keep your skin healthy during a purge.

The healthy skin you desire cannot be achieved in one day.

You may first notice side effects that are less pleasant, such as pimples. This is because some active ingredients can speed up skin cell turnover.

Skin Purging Symptoms

The blemishes can appear in many forms as they rapidly exit from the skin. The purging process can differ for everyone, but the symptoms are similar.





Dry, flaky, sensitive skin

How long does skin purging last

After four to six weeks, you will see a clearer complexion if your skin is shedding. (This is approximately one skin cycle). Even though a month of pimples and dryness may seem endless, the rejuvenated skin that results is well worth the wait.

If the Acne persists after six weeks, you may want to consult a dermatologist. You can get advice from them on whether to continue using the skincare product or whether you need to seek out a different treatment.

How does Acne compare

Acne is an inflammatory condition when the pores are clogged by excess sebum or dead skin cells. Acne appears as bumps on the skin’s surface (and beneath it), usually in pustules and papules.

The appearance of Acne and pimples caused by skin purging are very similar. This can confuse skincare enthusiasts. The difference is that skin cleansing occurs when individuals use products to reduce their Acne or scars. Skin purging usually disappears in a few weeks, but Acne can last months or years.

Time is a simple tool that you can use to differentiate between skin purging and Acne. Purging is not the cause of Acne if you have had breakouts in the past, and they continue after using a new product. If pimples suddenly appear on skin that is usually clear and coincide with adding a new product to your skincare collection, it’s worth checking if this item is causing them.

How to Prevent Skin Purging

It doesn’t matter if your skincare products have active ingredients. You’re not doomed to dry skin and pimples because they contain active ingredients. Gradually introducing products with active ingredients to your skincare routine can reduce your risk of developing Acne and dry skin.

If you want to improve the texture of your skin, then try our + Vita C Firming and Brightening Serum. It can not only help smoothen your skin but also brighten it and give it a youthful glow.

Use the product once or twice in the first week to gradually introduce it into your daily routine. Monitor your skin’s response to retinol, the active ingredient. You can then adjust the number you use each week (up to four times per week) to find what works for your skin.

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