Ingredient Spotlight: Peptides for Skin

Choosing the right product for your skin can be difficult because so many ingredients are available. The shelves of beauty and skincare products are crowded with buzzwords, famous brands, and components. The packaging of skincare products may not be a good indicator of what the product contains or does. You must know the ingredients in your skincare products and their effects on your skin.

Some products are worth the hype. The best way to discover effective skincare products that can be used at home is by looking for active ingredients, such as polypeptides.

Kate and her Skin Health Experts Clinic team have been creating rejuvenating skin care products for years. They use peptides to transform aging skin.

Kate Somerville’s Skin Health Experts explain the benefits of peptides to help you understand what they are and why you should include them in your skincare routine.

What are Peptides

Let’s take a closer look at peptides before we discuss their benefits for the skin. Peptides are amino acids with short chains that serve as building blocks for proteins. They are essential for producing proteins such as collagen, elastin, and keratin found in the skin. These proteins improve the resiliency of your skin, its texture, and its strength. There are many different types of peptides. However, studies have shown that they all possess skin-restoring abilities ranging from soothing to firming. When you incorporate peptides into your daily routine and apply them to your skin’s surface, your body is told that more skin-boosting proteins are needed.

The answer is simple if you’re wondering why not use already-created proteins such as collagen and keratin on your skin. Peptides are fragmented proteins. In their fragmented form, peptides are easily absorbed through the skin.

You can add peptides to your skincare routine in many different ways. Serums, moisturizers, and masks are all formulated with peptides for specific skin benefits.

Peptides: Benefits and Uses

In skincare, peptides work as messengers, sending signals to cells to start certain functions. They also direct the cells to carry out these functions. Peptides can be divided into five main categories: carrier peptides, signal peptides, enzyme-inhibiting peptides, neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptides, and antimicrobial peptides [2]. The different peptides have various positive effects that contribute to healthier-looking skin.

Smoothing out fine wrinkles and deep wrinklesPeptides can preserve the youthful appearance of your skin. The Kx Bio-Mimicking Serum contains peptides that improve skin firmness when used in your morning and evening skincare routine after cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating.

Increase your hydration

As you age, collagen production will decrease, leading to skin dehydration. The addition of peptides into your skincare routine will lock in moisture. A peptide-rich product like our Power Cream removes water from other skincare ingredients. The advanced moisture complex keeps the skin balanced and hydrated with conditioners and humectants, while peptides help reduce wrinkles.

Skin irritations and redness can be soothed

This is excellent news for people with sensitive skin who also want an alt=”opens in new window” data-content-page-id=”antiaging skincare routine” data link label=”The Best Antiaging Skin Care Routine By Experts” data link type=”page”. It is good news for those with sensitive skin that also desire an anti-aging skin care regimen. A new breakthrough is the Kate Somerville DeliKate Recovery Cream, a clinical moisturizer that works to reduce visible redness and irritation and restore the skin’s protective layer,. You can combine it with our Kx Bio-Mimicking Serum to get the benefits of peptides, including the ability to reduce visible redness and soothe the skin.

Increase in firmness and elasticity

Peptides signal to our skin that collagen fibers are breaking down. As we age, the production of collagen naturally decreases. This leads to wrinkles, skin dehydration, and decreased elasticity. Consider it the ultimate win-win. The peptides work from the outside to tighten the skin and signal your skin to do the same from the inside out. The NEW KateCeuticals (TM) Collection, a clinical age-repair system packed with powerful peptides, takes a holistic approach to reverse the visible signs of aging. KateCeuticals ™ Total Regeneration Cream has been clinically proven to increase firmness within two weeks. Use KateCeuticals ™ Firming serum to see smoother skin softer and firmer in just one week. *

Improve skin texture

Peptides improve skin texture by several means. They enhance the firmness of your skin, and with increased levels of collagen, your skin may also become smoother!

How to Use Peptides

You may wonder where to begin now that you know the benefits of peptides and the products formulated using them. Keep scrolling to discover what peptide-rich products our Kate Somerville experts recommend for your daily skincare routine.

Are you worried about wrinkles

KateCeuticals(tm), Lifting Eye Cream, provides clinic-level results without requiring injections. The under-eye serums and creams use Peptides to relax muscles, reducing wrinkles. This product quickly reduces wrinkles and lines while lifting, firming, and depuffing the skin around your eyes. In just one application, you’ll see a reduced appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags.

Do you miss that solid feeling

KateCeuticals(tm), Firming Serum, can improve the firmness of your skin in as little as two weeks. This serum was inspired by the Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers we use in our clinic. They plump and lift the skin and reduce wrinkles due to collagen and volume loss. It is formulated with hydrating ingredients and a firming Tripeptide and Nasturtium extract to oxygenate your surface for brighter and plumper results. You can use this serum before applying your moisturizer or SPF. It will keep the skin smooth and firm throughout the day and night.


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