No-makeup Makeup: 6 Easy Steps

Face makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty. But too often, it can make the skin look even worse. Many things can hinder your appearance, whether concealer, powder-looking cakey, or blush is too harsh. The right products applied correctly, can make a huge difference. Are you ready for a step-by-step guide to perfecting your no-makeup makeup look? Here’s how to achieve makeup that looks like your skin but better.

  • Step 1: Moisturizer
  • Step 2: Primer
  • Step 3: Blush
  • Step 4: Foundation
  • Step 5: Concealer
  • Step 6: Setting Spray
  • Multitasking Tinted Moisturizer


Before reaching for your cosmetic bag:

  1. Apply a Apply moisturizing product before going for your cosmetics.
  2. Try LovelySkin Ultra-Rich peptide Moisturizer.
  3. Allow it time to absorb into the skin, allowing its anti-aging and hydrating benefits to be fully realized.

This Moisturizer is formulated with powerful peptides that help reverse the cellular damage caused by free radicals, says LovelySkin CEO and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger. It also contains afaLUXE, which improves the skin’s moisture barrier.


Once your Moisturizer is absorbed, you’re still not done. To achieve the no-makeup look, apply a primer. This will help your makeup to last longer and glide on easily. A silicone-based formulation will minimize fine lines, creases, scars, and large pores. The Youngblood Cosmetics Mineral Primers contain silicones that blur imperfections and create a smooth surface for makeup. Vitamin E protects your skin against free radical damage, and jojoba oil soothes irritation.


Apply blush before Foundation for a no-makeup look. Yes, that’s right–before! Make sure it’s cream-based so its texture won’t clash with your liquid foundation. Use your fingers to gently blend Jane Iredale’s Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain on your cheekbones. Applying Foundation on top of the stain will make it look more seamless. This stain can also be used as a lip color to enhance the no-makeup look.


Blending liquid Foundation with a brush or sponge will give you the most natural-looking result. Pour a small amount of Foundation onto the back of a clean hand or a palette. Dip your brush into the Foundation and buff it on your face from the center outward. Glo Skin Beauty Satin Cream Foundation is one of our favorite liquid foundations for a natural makeup look. It offers a smooth, buildable foundation that dries with a satin finish. This helps conceal acne scars, blemishes, skin tone, and texture.


Here’s one of our best tips for a natural no-makeup look. You will use less product when you apply concealer to your face after foundation. Dermablend’s Quick Fix Concealer has a convenient stick applicator that makes it easy to place concealer where needed. This full-coverage formulation helps hide dark undereye circles, scars from acne, or discolorations that may still be visible even after applying foundation.

Setting spray

Powders are not necessary for no-makeup makeup. Set your makeup with a setting mist instead of your powder. We love COOLA’s Organic Makeup Setting Spray SPF30 because it has a mega-dose of antioxidants and is refreshing anytime. The spray infuses aloe vera, cucumber extract, and hyaluronic acids to keep makeup fresh all day.

BONUS – A multitasking tinted moisturizer

Want to simplify even more? Tinted moisturizers, such as Revision Intelligentsade Tinted Moisturizer SPF45, can make a huge difference in your no-makeup routine. This multitasking product can be used as a foundation, primer, or facial Moisturizer. This sheer-coverage product helps to reduce dark spots and redness. It also evens the skin tone and leaves you with a glowing, natural finish. Because it also contains an impressive lineup of anti-aging ingredients, including peptides, green tea extract, and SPF 45 sunscreen, it goes above and beyond a standard moisturizer.

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