Sweaters & boots, pumpkin & spice, mistletoe & kisses. Here are a few signs that the holiday season is upon us. While the holidays can be magical, they can also be stressful. This year, loved ones may be far away or unable to travel. We’re here to make your holidays bright and merry, whether you spend them in person or via Facetime or Zoom.

Winter’s dry, cold air and lower temperatures, combined with increased stress, can make maintaining clear, healthy skin challenging. You may even find that you get more acne during the holidays. It’s easy to lose the natural radiance and bounce of your skin, whether due to lack of sleep or a change in diet. Kate Somerville’s Skin Health Experts have created this simple holiday skincare guide to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin, no matter the season. This list includes everything you need to know to prepare your skincare kit for holiday skin concerns.

Why you should switch up your skincare

It’s first essential to know why you should rotate your skincare products. The climate can vary dramatically from season to season, depending on where you are. The warm days in the sun are gone, and you’re now greeted with cold air, harsh winds, and even snow. This temperature change, regardless of skin type, can cause dry and damaged skin in the winter. On the other hand, summer weather is more likely to lead to excessive sweating and buildup.

Winter weather can make the same products used to clear clogged pores in spring and summer too light. You’ll need an incredibly moisturizing effect to combat the colder temperatures. Whether you live in an area with a frigid climate or unpredictable weather, you’ll need various skincare products to meet your needs.

We recommend our Goat Milk Daily Moisturizer when choosing the right moisturizer for dry and thirsty winter skin. This product is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used at night and during the day.

Prepare for the Event

If you have already decided to rotate your skincare product seasonally, you may wonder when this rotation should occur. Plan to avoid your skin suffering during the colder seasons. If you buy products you want to use in advance, you can have them ready to go when the weather changes. Soon, we’ll get into specific products. No matter the season, sunscreen is a must-have product. Clouds can increase the intensity of UV rays, even in rain. Use sunscreens like Kate Somerville’s Uncomplicated Spray SPF to protect yourself from sun damage.

Get Started With A Skincare Set

Experiencing holiday stress? Are you worried about distant relatives? Or how to maintain a safe social distance when decorating the house? This time of year, it’s likely that your skin needs some TLC. The perfect skincare set can help you complete your routine and reveal beautiful and healthy skin for the holidays. Try Kate Somerville’s Ageless Essentials kit to get you started. Kate’s Clinic ExfoliKate (r) Intensive and her advanced wrinkle cream are included in this two-piece kit. These products help to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and smooth out pores. What’s the best part? The best part? They only take a few moments a week to add to your skincare routine, making it perfect for the busy holiday schedule. These sets make lovely stocking filler ideas for the women in your life.

Repair Your Skin Quickly

This all-over face and body cream is enriched with a multifunctional lipid complex to replenish the moisture lost by your dehydrated skin and give you a radiant complexion for the new year.

Buy a Retinol of high-quality

We at Skin Health Experts are big fans of Retinol. It works! While we recommend Retinol as part of your skincare routine throughout the year, during the cold, dry winter months, you will want to ensure that your retinol products are more than smooth and firm. It should also be fortifying. Kate Somerville Vitamin C + Retinol Moisturizer is the best retinol product you can invest in during this holiday season. It is a moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated while firming up and brightening.

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