What is Cold Cream

Women grew up seeing their mothers and grandmothers use cold Cream every night while bragging about the benefits to their skin. Cold Cream was a skincare staple that seemed to belong in the past. But its modern revival has made many wonder: What is cold cream used for, and does it work? Our matriarchs were on to something!

Cold Cream is an emulsion of oil and water [1], which is excellent when applied to the skin. It is essential to know the order in which these words are written to understand how this product differs from others entirely. The oil ratio is crucial to the formula of cold Cream as water-based products tend to absorb or disappear quickly into the skin. However, cold creams have four ingredients: water, oil, and an emulsifier. The proportions of oil and water in the cold creams are approximately equal. The Cream can penetrate the skin’s outer layer but is not absorbed as profoundly as water-based products. Due to the high concentrations of mineral oils and waxes such as beeswax[2] or ceresin, the Cream tends to sit more like a mask¬†on your face than a¬†moisturizer.

Cold Cream is a unique product that offers both benefits of skincare. Our Kate Somerville, skin health expert, stresses that skincare products either A. moisturize with lipids or B. hydrate with water. Water hydrates the skin, while oils seal in the moisture.

Kelly Viavattine is one of Kate Somerville’s Skin Health Experts and our celebrity esthetician. She shares below some of the benefits of cold Cream.

Cold Cream Benefits

Cold Cream has many benefits. Cold Cream is designed to moisturize skin topically, so it can be used by anyone who wants to boost their skin’s hydration. Those with dry, itchy, or sensitive skin can benefit most by using this product daily. This is likely because the cold Cream helps restore your skin’s natural barrier against the environment.

Cold Cream: Uses and Benefits

Cold creams can be used for various purposes despite their design. One of the most popular uses for cold creams is to remove makeup. The oils can melt away makeup and dirt without causing damage or rubbing. It can also be used as a primer to apply cosmetic foundations, as it helps to smooth the skin. Kelly claims it is excellent to use on road trips or camping trips, where you might not have access to a bathroom sink or shower.

Cold creams are also effective as a body lotion, lip balm, or shaving cream. Cold creams can be used on lips to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin throughout the day. Applying a moisturizing lotion to the body will provide the same intense hydration as the Cream intended for your face and your hands, arms, legs, and back.

Cold Cream Products

Cold creams come in two forms: cleansers and moisturizers. Cold cream face cleansers are designed to replace regular face washing by treating and cleansing your skin simultaneously. Most often, cleanser products can also be used to remove makeup. On the other hand, cold cream moisturizers are meant to massage your skin throughout the day to keep it hydrated.

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