What is STRAWBERRY skin

Strawberry Skin: What is it and how to treat it

You may want to display some. You might be trying on a dress for a first date or want to show off a bikini in the sun. In those moments, you want to ensure your legs look smooth and delicious as butter. If you notice a pattern on your portions of dark spots, it may not be easy to feel comfortable in your Skin. You may wonder what those little dark spots are and how to eliminate them.

Strawberry skin is a common condition. It’s not harmful to your health; you can treat it at home.

This guide will explain what strawberry skin is and the causes of it, as well as some tips on how to treat it.

What is Strawberry Skin

Strawberry skin is a term used to describe tiny spots of darkening on the Skin. These are usually found on the legs. The sites are named after the darkened discoloration, which often looks like the exterior seeds of a strawberry.

Each spot is a mixture of:




Ingrown hairs are often blamed for black spots, but this is not always true. When dirt particles mix and accumulate on your Skin, clogs can form inside your skin’s hair follicles or pores.

As soon as the air is in contact with the oil mixture, it oxidizes, turning black and giving the appearance of small brown or black spots.

What causes strawberry skin

You might wonder how those tiny blemishes appeared. Several factors can cause strawberry skin.

Shaving — Shaving is a leading cause of strawberry skin. Shaving with a dull blade too quickly or without cream increases your risk of developing dark spots.

Keratosis Pilaris- This skin condition, often found on the legs and looks like goosebumps, is caused by excessive keratin.

Dry Skin Excessively dried Skin can aggravate the epidermis. This can exacerbate symptoms of strawberry skin, such as darker pores and Skin that looks pitted.

Folliculitis- Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles.

How do you treat strawberry skin

What is the easiest way to prevent and treat strawberry skin? Enhance your shower routine by adding some spa-worthy treatments. These simple skincare tricks are things you can easily do the next time you’re ready to hop in the shower.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin from the body. If you’re not already on the exfoliation bandwagon, today is the day to come aboard. Exfoliation can help clear away a layer of dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria to help reduce the chances of strawberry skin.

Exfoliation can also:

Make it easier for your Skin to absorb moisture – Strawberry skin loves to crop up on dry Skin. Exfoliation moves dead skin cells out of the way, making it easier for your fresh, young cells to absorb water and stay moisturized.

Unclog pores – What happens when you clear up a clogged pore? Scrubbing excess oil, grime, and debris can leave you with cleaner follicles. This can help prevent pesky ingrown hairs and razor burns (both of which can lead to strawberry skin).

Give you silky smooth Skin – Removing old, dry skin can provide you with softer, more even Skin that will look touchable in your favorite sundress.

Exfoliation is an excellent preventative practice for strawberry skin and can make your skin feel soft and supple. Exfoliation can also serve as a keratosis pilaris treatment. Check out our ExfoliKate(tm) Resurfacing Body Scrub – a 3-in-1 treatment that acts as a scrub, peel, and mask – to smooth away dead skin and clogged pores to get your Skin back to its glowing glory.

 Follow-Up With a Cleanser

Cleanser clears away some of the major culprits behind strawberry skin–excess oils and bacteria–while allowing your Skin to cling to its current moisture. It can also help remove any dead skin cells scrubbed by the exfoliant.

Look for a body wash with aloe vera, which contains:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Anti-inflammatory properties (which can be even more beneficial if you’re prone to strawberry skin).

Step 3: When You Shave, Shave Responsibly

After you’ve exfoliated and cleansed, it’s time to grab the razor.

Aside from being the most common form of hair removal, shaving is one of the simplest ways to say sayonara to strawberry skin. However, to keep strawberry fields off of your skin, be sure to shave wisely with these tips:

Use a sharp, fresh razor – An old, dull razor can carry bacteria and make it challenging to shear off hair. Be sure to swap out your razor after 2-3 uses.

Keep your razor clean – Store it in a clean, dry place (not just your shower caddy) to keep bacteria and rust at bay.

Use a shaving lotion or shaving cream – Shaving strips a fine layer of skin cells from your body, which can lead to dryness and strawberry skin. A nourishing shaving lotion or cream can help your skin retain its natural moisture barrier while helping ensure a smooth, close shave.

Moisturize Daily

Towel off, girl; it’s time to finish your shower spa treatment with some moisturization.

Apply body lotion daily (especially suitable after shaving) to avoid razor burn and retain the shower moisture.

Our Dry Skin Saver soothes dry and rough skin to make it softer, smoother, and healthier. It’s formulated for your face, Skin, and lips so you can give every inch of your body the love it deserves while treating and preventing future strawberry skin.

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