How do aquaporins make our skin look good

Maintaining optimal hydration is essential to achieving beautiful, glowing skin. Our skin surface appears smoother, plumper, and more refreshed when our skin cells have been fully hydrated.

Aquaporin is a small protein that plays a significant role in hydrating skin cells.

These water-moving proteins are responsible for the glistening of our outer skin layer. How does aquaporin skincare keep the outer layer of skin gleaming? Learn everything you need about aquaporins.

What are Aquaporins

Aquaporins is a microscopic oval protein that moves water between cell membranes. It works like the plumbing system in cells, which allows liquids to flow freely. Peter AgAgre’siscovery of aquaporins, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2003, is relatively recent.

Thirteen aquaporins have been identified. AQP3 is the most common in our skin. AQP3 has been identified as an aquaglyceroporin. This means that it is essential for water transport and glycerol transportation. Glycerol is a compound crucial in maintaining skin moisture and elasticity and restoring its barrier.

Aquaporins are essential for the optimal functioning of other organs, including:




Digestive system

What Are the Benefits of Aquaporins in Skin Care

Hydration is the key to achieving a radiant complexion and improving dry skin. Your skin will glow more when it is hydrated. It has more excellent elasticity and a healthy, supple appearance. Aquaporins promote skin cell hydration. New body care products that use aquaporins are being tested to see how they affect skin moisture.

One active ingredient to encourage the creation of aquaporins is gluco-glycerol, found naturally in blue-green algae. It’s also used to make products that contain algae skin care. The active ingredient that promotes the innovation of Aquaporins, gluco-glycerol, is found in the blue-green alga and is used in skincare. Currently, other ways are being investigated to stimulate AQP3 creation.

It may be possible to achieve skin hydration:


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The activation of aquaporins encourages the absorption of ultra-hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic and glycerol. Both are vital for optimal skin health and moisture. The HydraKate Recharging Serum combines AquaPort Technology and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic and algae extract to soothe and lock moisture in for soft, glowing skin.

What are the benefits of stimulating aquaporin production

Even though our bodies produce aquaporins naturally, it may be beneficial to increase their production. Why?

Aquaporins are reduced in the body when you age and expose yourself to UV light. This makes sense since aquaporins help distribute water between cells. More aquaporins mean more water disbursement, while less aquaporins lead to drier skin.

The following symptoms can be caused by a reduction in aquaporin levels in the skin:

Reduced skin barrier function

A greater risk of developing certain skin conditions, such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

Aquaporin-stimulating treatments can help reduce symptoms like inflammation, redness, and dry skin.

Aquaporin-producing skin treatments may also cause:

Skin cells will absorb other body care products that are hydration-focused more quickly. This leads to plumper, smoother skin in no time.

Enhance the skin’s protective barrier function to protect the skin and body from external harmful forces such as UV rays, pollution, and other pollutants.

Aquaporins and AquaPort Technology

AquaPort Technology, based on Peter AgreAgre’sel’s Prize-winning invention, uses the aquaporin channels in the membrane to deliver intense, thorough hydration even to the driest skin, resulting in moisture-rich, transformative results. How?

The technology allows the skin to receive and absorb hydrating substances like hyaluronic acids. This cellular level allows the skin to obtain a more intense, longer-lasting hydration.

Kate Somerville: Cutting Edge Skincare For Complete Hydration

You might benefit from a boost in hydration at the cellular level if your skin is looking and feeling dull. The new HydroKate(tm) collection uses the latest AquaPort technology and hydration aids like rosemary extract, algae, and hyaluronic acids to promote hydrated skin. Learn more about the benefits of rosemary for your skin, which dates back centuries.

Kate, who has eczema, aims to help people connect with our signature microchanneling in-clinic treatment, which delivers deeper, longer-lasting hydration for your skin at home.

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