Makeup is the “I do” of beauty

Melanie is back with a guest blog full of tips and suggestions for brides-to-be. It is easy for brides to over-think their look. Many have a long wish list, and most feel overwhelmed. Some brides seem to be able to make decisions with ease and go with the flow on the big day. Everyone will remember a bride who is beautiful and true to herself. Style is more than just the outfit or what I call the “dress epicenter.” The bride’s hair and makeup is the first and last sentence of her entire style. The frames around the eyes are crucial to the bride’s confidence.

The bride will benefit from the use of shading and highlighting. We can enhance contouring, correct unevenness, and bring out features. Together, they are more effective than separately. HD technology, photographers, and clear images are what we now expect. Blending makeup is essential! I’m a makeup artist, and I have a variety of highlighting options. PurePressed Eye Shadows in Oyster and Allure are great examples. Also, 24-karat Gold Dust comes in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation is a lighter foundation that matches the bride’s skin tone. Shaders will absorb more light because they are darker than skin. They can be applied under cheekbones, along the hairline, in the socket of the eyes, and on the temples. I choose shades such as the darker shade of PurePressed base, So-Bronze Bronzing Powder, and Dubonnet PurePressed blush. For eye shadows, I might use Cappuccino or Dawn PurePressed Eye Shadow. Makeup can enhance the beauty of a bride by improving her proportions and creating a look that is ‘herself.’ Her confidence will shine through, and her groom and guests will notice.

The bride can change her lip product in the evening – switch to The bride can switch her lip products in the evening. Bellini, Sangria, and PureGloss Gloss are all great options. Moringa Butter and Avocado Oil moisturize the lips and taste delicious. Antioxidants. What is it about makeup artists that make them invest in their work? It’s about paying attention to each client. What is important to the client now, in his life today? It’s not about the big day. The build-up and celebrations are important. It’s about the preparation, the time, and the attention to detail that keeps confidence high. The bride will wear a gorgeous makeup base on her wedding day. Incorporate this into her daily makeup routine as she builds up to the big day. Familiarity is good but also has its benefits. When she chooses smart ingredients and avoids fillers such as talc and chemical dyes, skin sensitivities will be reduced or eliminated.

I would also advise the bride-to-be to always wear Sun Protection Factors (SPF) throughout the year. To protect against UVA, you need a broad-spectrum sunscreen. The SPF rating is not a measure of Ultraviolet A protection. I think there is nothing better than powdered sunscreen that doesn’t make a mess for the bride. Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen from Jane Iredale would be the best choice for me! The powder comes in 3 different colors, including transparent. It can also be applied to the scalp. Be sure to look for the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. This seal is only awarded to manufacturers who can prove that their products are safe and effective in preventing sun-induced skin damage. In preparation for their wedding, most brides have focused on their well-being. Plant ingredients are expected to be used in beauty products and regimes. Jane Iredale told me that elderflower contains vitamin C, soothes the skin, and moisturizes the lips. Honeysuckle is also known to help purify skin. I was able to achieve this with Soft Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, a translucent primer. This primer is the first thing that the bride would apply before her base color (with or without her moisturizer). The light and camera will love the enhanced highlighting and shaded applications when pigments are blended on a smoother surface.

Designers, stylists, and hairdressers are all focused on the words “radiant, glowing,” “it’s so me,” “lasting impact,” natural, happiness, and confidence. In my role as a hairdresser, I am guided by one phrase in every assignment: “Clients’ happiness, always.”

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