The KATE SOMERVILLE Products I swear by

I became interested in skincare later in life. In my late 30s, I stopped using the drugstore cleanser and moisturizer my mother used. My introduction to skincare was not a product or a regimen. Injectables were the subject of my blog.

As Head of Copy for Kate Somerville, I am fortunate to be able to write about skincare each day. I can test every product to confidently explain how the products work, the results they achieve, and what texture you can expect from using Kate Somerville’s famous skin care products.

The estheticians of our Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts Clinic have helped me to care for my dry, aging skin. Kate, our founder, has taught me the best morning and night skincare routines that follow Kate’s Kate 5 Daily Dos. Here is my entire skincare routine.


I use ExfoliKate(tm), a Cleanser, to cleanse and gently exfoliate the morning. This helps boost radiance and improve the appearance of pores. This daily face wash contains powerful AHAs (Glycolic Acid and lactic Acid) and Fruit Enzymes, naturally exfoliating skin without irritation. Then, I use a super gentle and hydrating goat milk cleanser at night. This is great for moisturizing my dry skin. The Kate Somerville clinic nurse who gave him his first consultation recommended the Goat Milk Cleanser to my husband for his oily skin.


My husband uses the more gentle a data-link-label=”10295_Master” data-link type=”product” data product id=”10295_Master”>Liquid ExfoliKate ™ at night and loves it! My husband loves the liquid ExfoliKate ™ he uses at night on his skin. The two products are formulated with AHAs but in different forms depending on whether you want a more gentle or super-effective exfoliation.


What product do I like the best in Kate’s skincare line? And have you seen the most significant change in your skin since you started using it? DermalQuench Liquid Lift(tm). The product is based on the Oxygen treatment that’s popular at clinics. The aerosol canister version is a spray that sprays Hyaluronic acid and Oxygen onto the skin. It plumping and firming it and gives you a dewy glow. I use DermalQuench every morning and night… and spray a little magic before my afternoon video call to look radiant.


The anti-aging angels are here! Kate’s age-repair collection KateCeuticals (TM) was launched in 2021, and I haven’t looked back. Morning and night, I combine the KateCeuticals ™ firming serum and Total Rejuvenation Cream. It’s been clinically proven that when used together, they improve the appearance and firmness of skin after one week. What is the secret behind KateCeuticals(tm), comprehensive age repair? Peptides! Kate and her team have formulated this collection using Peptides to perform specific age-repair tasks. These include improving elasticity, firming, smoothing, or enhancing texture. Retinol, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramides are the skin-transforming ingredients in the age repair line.

After that, I pat a tiny amount of Lifting Eye Cream on the area around my eyes (and lips if I’ve got extra cream). In my blog post about Kate Somerville treatments that I like, I mentioned that my under-eye area is where I see the most visible signs of aging. This eye cream helps me maintain my youthful appearance between visits to the clinic. The Triple Peptide Complex in this eye cream relaxes wrinkles like neurotoxins in clinics. It visibly reduces the crow’s foot and fine lines and increases firmness and elasticity.

Protect yourself from harm.

Did you know the sun is responsible for 80% of visible signs of aging? It makes you reconsider the notion that SPF only applies to beach days! After my morning skincare routine and using any makeup, I use Kate’s mineral sunblock Daily deflector(tm). The sunscreen also protects the skin from blue light and restores it. The non-greasy, light formula absorbs into the skin beautifully. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue. My husband is happy about that.

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