Acne or Problem Skin

Let’s start with terminology. When cosmetic companies talk about the attributes of their products, they refer to acne as problem skin. The FDA does not like claims that a product can cure, prevent, treat, or affect the structure of any human function unless the FDA has approved it as a drug. We could use the words acne¬†if we were a pharmaceutical company. Since we are not, we avoid the topic by using terms like¬†problem-skin, breakouts, zits, etc. The FDA’s rules make sense. A manufacturer can claim anything without going through the right approval processes. They could trick consumers into buying products that are either not effective or dangerous. The FDA exists to protect us. It can be frustrating as a producer when you know that you have a product that could help people, but you are not allowed to say so. This is how I feel about our new food supplement. But I will follow the rules. Let me say that this nutritional supplement has shown amazing results on skin problems.

How to Get Clearer Skin

What I can say is that there are some simple things you can do to clear your skin of distractions. Why should you care for your skin?

It’s amazing how little we pay attention to the skin. This is a miraculous part of our bodies. What about the rest? We are fixated on our facial skin, but what about it? Our skin is our third kidney and lung. It takes in oxygen all day and gives off carbon dioxide. It excretes toxins and holds in moisture. The pH is 4.5, which makes it slightly acidic. The pH of the skin is usually between 4.5 and 6.2.

Stop over-cleaning

Here is my point. People with skin problems often over-cleanse and remove the wonderful layer of skin that their skin has worked so hard to build. Use of anti-bacterial soaps or soap in general. You can also use cleansing scrubs and alcohol. (I met a woman who used Listerine to tone her skin!) These products will not help. This only makes it easier for bacteria to flourish. What’s your suggestion? We have an amazing product called A Magic Mitt. The microfiber is made of a special material that requires only water to remove makeup, grime, or any other residue that may have built up on your face throughout the day. Even if your makeup is clean enough to wear to bed, it will still have accumulated a lot by the time you are ready to go to sleep. The Magic Mitt keeps the acid mantle intact, so your skin is prepared to fight bacteria.

Use “Spot Treatement”

What else can be done? You can also try a treatment for breakouts (and no, I don’t mean toothpaste), like our Zap&Hide Blemish concealer. This is a two-sided product that has a balm at one end and contains tea tree oil and sugar cane to calm down the nasty eruption. The concealer, on the other hand, continues the work done by the balm but conceals so well that it can be worn alone or with makeup. We recommend mineral bases because they are known to allow skin to function and breathe normally. All of this is good for your skin, which is a true healing machine.

Hydrate Your Skin

Finish with a spritz of our Balance Hydration Spray. This was created to be pH-neutral. This product contains green tea, grapefruit, orange, and chamomile extracts, as well as chamomile, orange, and chamomile extracts. Green tea has been shown to be effective in treating problem skin. Use it as a moisturizer or to finish your skincare routine if you suffer from oily skin. It smells divine and is perfect for air travel.

Four Acne-fighting Beauty Essentials

  • Here is what I’d have in my medicine cupboard if I woke up every morning with breakouts: Skin Accumax Nutritional Supplement (4 capsules a day, for 14 weeks).
  • Magic Mitts can be used every morning and evening with lukewarm lukewarm.
  • Zap&Hide Blemish concealer to zap & hide.
  • Balance Hydration Spray

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