Multi-masking for glowing skin

Face Masks can be a luxurious way to pamper your skin. Are two face masks better than just one, with all the benefits they can offer? Multi-masking is a technique that could make them better than one. Pairing two masks is an excellent way to achieve glowing, radiant skin. Here’s everything you need, including:

  • What does multi-masking mean?
  • Why should you try multi-masking masking?
  • Multi-mask
  • What masks can I use at home together?

What is Multi-masking?

Multi-masking is the application of two or more masks to different areas of your face. You could, for example, use a clarifying face mask on sites that are acne prone (such as the chin and forehead) and a moisturizing one on your cheeks and nose if they tend to be dry.

A second way to use the multi-masking technique is by applying a face mask, following its recommended treatment time, and then rinsing off. Then, apply for a different show.

Why should you try multi-masking masking?

Multi-masking mimics the different steps of a facial. Face masks can offer various benefits for the skin, depending on their formula. They range from clarifying masks to absorb excess oil to exfoliating face masks using alpha-hydroxy acids that combat dullness to reveal more radiant, glowing skin.

Hydrating masks, which contain aloe vera or hyaluronic acids to replenish moisture in dehydrated skin, are also popular. Multi-masking allows you to enjoy these benefits at the same time. A DIY spa night can be enhanced by mixing different masks, such as a sheet and clay mask, or a rinse-off mask with a non-rinse.


If you are ready to try multi-masking, the next step is choosing a pair that complements each other. Multi-masking can be achieved by using two masks of the same brand. The same brand of skin care products are usually meant to be used together so that you can have confidence in the pairings and the results.

Mixing and matching masks can work if the shows contain different ingredients. Dr. Schlessinger explains there’s no need to double up on exfoliating agents such as AHAs. Therefore, you should use something other than two exfoliating masques back-to-back. You could end up irritating your face if you overdo the exfoliation.

Five masking pairs you can try at home.

Are you ready to get glowing skin by using multiple masks? Try these five face mask combinations at home.

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Masque + Eminence Bamboo Age Corrective Mask

First step: Eminence Firm Skin Acai Masque. This anti-aging cream mask contains various antioxidants, including acai berry, raspberry, brambleberry, and sea buckthorn extracts. These ingredients help to promote collagen production and combat free radicals, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines. This mask also contains lactic acids, a mild yet powerful AHA. They help to eliminate dullness and give skin a more radiant appearance. Apply a small amount to your palm and emulsify with a few drops of water. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Second Step: Eminence Bamboo Age-Corrective Masque. This mask will give your skin all the moisture it requires. It contains aloe and coconut water to hydrate and shea to lock in moisture. Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil, while green tea extracts, vitamin C, and calendula provide antioxidant benefits. Dilute the clay with water, and apply for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove with a wet washcloth.

Bonus tip: Mix the two masks in your palm to get the benefits of multiple masking, but you need more time. Eminence Organics products are designed to work together. Mixology is a term used by the brand. This technique lets you use your favorite skincare products innovatively, giving them even more benefits.

SkinCeuticals Phyto-Corrective Hydrating and Calming Gel Mask + SkinCeuticals Hydrolating B5 Hyaluronic acid Gel Mask

First Step: The SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Hydrating and Calming Masque. This emerald mask targets redness, reactivity, and irritation. A robust blend of botanicals, including thyme, cucumber, and olive extracts, and a calming dipeptide work to comfort and calm irritated skin. This formula can rescue skin stressed by travel, office procedures, or excessive sun exposure. Apply generously to your face, then rinse with cool water ten to 15 minutes later.

Second Step: SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid B5 Gel Mask. This hydrating gel mask is an excellent follow-up to the calming properties of the Phyto Correction Mask. This mask contains hyaluronic acids to provide needed hydration. Vitamin B5 supports your skin’s barrier-repair function. And a proprietary moisture compound to keep your skin balanced. It is a non-rinse face mask. You can apply the product to your skin and massage any excess after 15 minutes.

Erno Laszlo Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask + Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask

First step: Erno Laszlo Multitask Serum Eye Mask. These hydrogel eye masks are designed to contour the undereye area and deliver a powerful dose of multitasking product. The shows contain hyaluronic acids to hydrate the skin, while niacinamide brightens and soothes irritation. Algae extract provides antioxidant benefits that help reduce crow’s feet. Each box contains six pairs of individually wrapped gels that you can apply for 10 minutes and discard.

Second Step: Erno Lazlo Hydra Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask. After giving your eyes a particular treatment, you can use this overnight mask to moisturize and nourish your face as you sleep. This formula contains hydrating prickly-pear extract and soothing vitamin E. It has a gel texture that melts into the skin when it comes in contact with your skin. Apply it before bed, and then cleanse as usual in the morning.

AFA Renewal Masque + IMAGE Skincare I MASK Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask

First step: AFA Renewal Masque. Are you ready to restore your skin’s glow? This mask combines oil-absorbing Bentonite clay with afaLUXE, an innovative dermatologist-developed molecule that gently exfoliates to help reduce breakouts, smooth rough texture, and restore radiance in your skin. Leave this mask for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Second Step: Image Skincare I MASK Hydrating Sheet Mask. After exfoliating with the afa renewal masque, you can hydrate your skin with this moisturizing sheet mask. Mineral-rich volcanic waters combine with hyaluronic acids, glycerin, and aloe for a powerful hydrating boost. Squalane also leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Each package contains five sheet masks that are each good for a 10-minute treatment.

PCA Skin Detoxifying Mask + PCA Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Mask

First Step: Skin Detoxifying Masque. This formula is a classic clay mask that contains Japanese white charcoal. It helps to absorb dirt and excess oil and exfoliate dead skin cells. Apply a thin layer, dry it, and wash it off with warm soapy water.

Second Step: Overnight PCA Hyaluronic Mask. This hydrating overnight mask helps soften your skin after exfoliating it with a clay masque. You will wake up with a glowing complexion. Niacinamide reduces redness and fine wrinkles, while hyaluronic acids instantly firm your skin. This mask is non-rinse, so you can use it before bed to let the benefits of hydration soak in throughout the night.

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