Should I use body scrub before or after shaving

You may wonder if you can find anything more soft and luxurious than your newly shaved legs.

There is a difference between freshly shaved legs and those that have been scrubbed.

Using a body wash can indeed give you the softest and silkiest legs. Do you use body wash before or after? How often should you exfoliate your skin? This guide will explain how to incorporate a body wash into your leg shave routine.

Should you scrub before shaving or shave first

You may wonder how they combine to give you silky smooth legs. Do you scrub before or after shaving?


You should always use a body wash before shaving your legs. You should also scrub periodically in between shaving sessions. This may seem like a lot of body exfoliation, but let us explain.

Scrubbing Before Shaving- A body scrub is used immediately before shaving to remove the dead skin around each hair follicle. This exfoliation will help you achieve a more precise shave and keep your razor sharp and unclogged.

Scrubbing Between Shavings- Scrubbing helps to keep your skin clean and minimizes clogged pores. It also helps prevent painful ingrown hairs.

Five steps for Oh-SoBaby soft, smooth legs

How can you include a body scrub in your shaving routine? You can achieve the closest and smoothest shave with five simple steps:

Ensure your shower’s water temperature is hot to open your pores.

Prep your skin with a body scrub. Scrub it gently in a circle.

Rinse your legs thoroughly and apply shaving gel, cream, or mousse.

Shave your legs against the grain, washing and rinsing frequently.

Rinse and dry your legs, then use Dry Skin Saver. (Our founder, Kate, loves the combination of ExfoliKateTM Resurfacing Body Scrub followed by Dry Skin Saver).

You can follow steps 1 and 2 on days when you don’t shave your legs.

The Benefits of Scrubbing & Shaving

Remember the Venn diagrams you made in middle school? Two circles that overlap to compare similarities and differences. You can visualize a Venn Diagram when comparing the benefits of scrubbing and shaving. While these two beauty practices differ, they also share many benefits.

Why Use a Body Scrub

A body scrub is an excellent way to remove dead cells from your arms, legs, and torso.

You are wrong if you don’t think you have any dead skin cells in your body. The skin is constantly regenerating (which is incredible!). Old skin cells die and are replaced with new ones. You lose 40,000 skin flakes per day. These skin cells can sometimes fall off easily, while at other times, they may stick to each other or the natural oils of your skin. This can cause skin to appear dull, flaky, and dry.

Use body scrubs 2-3 times weekly to keep your skin fresh and clean. They remove dead skin and encourage the regeneration of new cells. Body scrubs can:

Reduce clogged skin

Ingrown hairs: How to prevent them

Dry skin is more responsive to moisturizers

There are many different formulations of body scrubs. It may take some testing to find the right one for you. It would be best to look for high-quality ingredients that include manual, enzymatic, and chemical exfoliants and moisturizing ingredients to restore healthy skin.

Why Shave Your Legs

There are three main ways to remove body hair:

Wax off

Shave off the hair with a razor

It can be removed with lasers or chemicals

Most people prefer to shave with a blade because it is practical, inexpensive, and convenient. There are many different types of razors available.

Fully Disposable



Our Skin Health Specialists are passionate educators on how to shave to achieve optimal skin health. Shaving is not just about shaving body hair. Also, it’s about skincare. Razoring your legs, arms, armpits, or face is similar to scrubbing. It helps remove dead skin and reveals the new, younger, healthier cells beneath.

ExfoliKate(r), Resurfacing Body Scrub, Get the Closest Shave Ever

Try exfoliating your legs with a body wash before shaving.

Kate Somerville has made it easy to find the best body wash. Our ExfoliKate (r) Resurfacing body scrub contains the best exfoliating ingredient in the industry, Pumice, to help you achieve the silkiest shaving experience. Our exfoliating scrub was inspired by ExfoliKate ™ intensive, Kate’s super facial at home clinic that revealed smoother texture and smaller pores in two minutes. The products are formulated with ingredients that deliver immediate results. For example, the exfoliating body scrub is inspired by ExfoliKate(tm) Intensive, Kate’s at-home clinic super facial. This reveals smoother texture and pores in just two minutes.

Avoid using a body exfoliator to scrub your face to maintain radiant, healthy skin. Body skin is 3x thicker, and cell turnover on body skin takes 2x as long as on face skin. This means the skin needs a little extra kick to achieve the baby-soft skin. This means that the ingredients used to polish the skin on your body are likely too harsh for use on your face.

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