What is Slugging skincare? How to repair skin in easy steps

Are you suffering from dry skin that is unable to retain moisture? You’ve searched for the best moisturizer for your dry skin, but you haven’t found it.

Our Skin Health Experts from Kate Somerville might have the solution you need. Slugging.

What is slugging, exactly? Slugging is not about hitting baseballs or wriggling on the floor like a worm. Slugging, a skincare technique practiced for many years, involves applying an occlusive to your skin at night, like petroleum jelly.


The term slugging is derived from the slime trail left by garden slugs. Slugging is a luxurious experience despite its unappealing appearance.

The TikTok trend was born in South Korea as part of the K-Beauty Movement. It emphasizes natural remedies and healing ointments to achieve glowing skin. Slugging is a great way to improve the health of your skin if you have sensitive or flaky, dry skin.

What is a Slug

How do you slug then? Use a variety of occlusives to hit in your skincare routine. Many people do not like petroleum-based products’ sticky, thick feeling. Alternatives include:

Jojoba oil


Squalane oil

It is best to try a few options and see what suits your skin.

You can start slugging once you have chosen an occlusive you feel refreshed with.

Cleanse your skin with care. The first thing to do is clean your face. The slugging method traps all the debris and bacteria on your skin. This can lead to clogged pores, oily skin, and breakouts. This can lead to skin irritation and breakouts.

Moisturize Your Skin This is a crucial step. The occlusive does not moisturize your skin. It only seals the moisture and oil already present. If you don’t use a thin layer before the occlusion, slugging will be less effective.

 Apply the occlusive. Once you’ve cleaned your skin and applied your favorite moisturizer, it’s time to apply. The occlusive should be warmed in your hands for about a minute before gently rubbing it on your skin. Allow it to dry on your face for a few moments before going to bed. This will prevent it from rubbing off onto your pillow or sheets.

Why Does Slugging Work

A typical occlusive contains oil. When you apply the ingredient to your skin, it will trap moisture. Moisture that is trapped in the element will absorb more efficiently into your skin.

Overnight, your skin will absorb the moisture, and you’ll wake up with smooth, silky skin.

Benefits of Slugging

Some of the benefits slugging offers your skin: Slugging can have several benefits for your skin, including [2]

Moisturizing- Slugging’s purpose is to moisten. It seals moisture to help your cream, lotion, serum, or other product work more effectively.

A healthy glow – Your skin loses its radiance when it is dry. The appearance of your skin can also be dulled by dead skin cells. You can achieve a healthy and radiant glow by following the correct steps to slugging.

Protected Skin Barrier – The moisture in your skin helps to protect it against environmental stress. This barrier also keeps water in, resulting in long-term skin care. Imagine your skin barrier as a double-sided shield that keeps moisture in while keeping bad things out.

Slugging based on skin type

Were you intrigued by this new TikTok trend in beauty? There are some things you need to know before you try. Slugging works best on people with dry or normal skin. Add occlusives into your skincare routine to help reduce the itching and discomfort that can be caused by:


Chapped skin

Itchy skin

Slugging’s intense moisturizing effects can be a game-changer for people with dry skin.

Slugging may not be the best idea for everyone. If you suffer from oily skin, combination skin, or breakouts frequently, excessive moisture or pore-clogging occlusives can worsen your complexion.

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